27 July 2012

Pedestrians of London

Pedestrians in London have no discipline. They walk in a complete zigzag fashion almost crossing one's path without a speck of any manners in sight. One would expect in a country that established manners, etiquette, and the queue system there would be some discipline on walkways but it is completely the opposite. Perhaps, it is exactly for that reason why the British established the queue system to resolve the over arching and inherit problem of them constantly walking in zigzag fashion. Most pedestrians also have no care for people around them, it's a very self-indulging sort of experience. When one walks as a pedestrian, one feels the sheer individualism that comes about from capitalism and from the busy rituals of life. It seems many pedestrians totally lose the notion of care for another and drift in a world of their own, utterly self-absorbed in the matters of their own life. There is not an evidence of an "excuse me" when one crosses by or bumps into another person on the way. Perhaps, there is a floating inclination of the fast pace of life in London which is getting even faster. However, it still leaves one utterly annoyed by the time they reach their destination. Pedestrians also often assume that the other person will get out of their way rather than them giving way. As a pedestrian one not only has to watch out for motor vehicles, tourists, cyclists, pets, pigeon droppings, construction workers, but also other pedestrians. Maybe, that is why so many then decide to use the bus and the tube. During rush hour it is more like ants marching. London is a crowded place and the population is increasing ever more. It is no easy experience being a pedestrian on the streets of London requiring both physical and mental prudence.