27 July 2012

What Do People See in Facebook

Why do people visit Facebook? What is the allure of Facebook? I have never felt the need to even update my profile on that site. It leaves me quite baffled as to why people seem to be so hooked to the Facebook process. It is as if people feel almost mandated and duty bound to update everything even the little mundanes of life as accounts on their profile for all to see. So, many people on there all connecting to everyone else in a social graph of people some of which never have met, don't know each other and there is bound to be heaps of strangers sitting on ones site who they never even talk to and yet they are there to extend the tally of so called friends on the list. Is the site only for the shallow? Why do people have to connect only by the face? How valuable is a face on a Facebook? It is one of those websites that becomes a hit from sheer popularity and trends developed from people passing their interest to others. I have never felt hooked to the site. In recent, times there has been a lot of change to the site with updates to security, unusual forums being developed, as well as new ad campaigns. Almost on a regular basis there seems to be some sort of update that can potentially compromise a users personal details. Are social networking sites putting people at risk from their personal details being open and leaked. Why does one feel the need to let everyone know about who they are, what they are up to, and everything that is going on in their daily affairs? Are places like Facebook really a way to socially connect in the new century or are they merely making people more anti-social and less physically close for communication? Places like Facebook also become a playground for the vulnerable and in so making people so much more mentally effected by actions of others. The drawbacks to Facebook are so much that it seems very little reason that one should feel the need to use it. Also, social networking sites are more a trend that fades away after a time and keeping the interest of the user without creating too many functional changes at once can be quite a tricky affair. In recent times, this has often been the downfall of Facebook and why so many have decided to move on.  Only time will tell what the future holds for Facebook.