18 August 2012

The Games of 2012

Now that the Olympics are over and the Paralympics soon to begin, it seems like almost sad such magnanimous reunion of all athletes combining and visiting London from all walks of life ending in unison. I wondered why the world could not be like that every day. I remembered the song by U2 "where the streets have no name" and imagined if only such a life really did exist. But, then there would be no nations and no need for nations competing against each other. It was essentially the Greeks that invented such Olympic games and grew out of the gruesome and relentless wars of time. Another four years wait till we see another Olympics event. Some things are just so complex in life in intricate balance in the world that it almost makes it inexplicable to explain why things happen the way they do. Why there is always end and a beginning? Why people just can't live together? Why the Euro crisis had to occur? Why do nations even exist? Do we really need to be part of a nation to belong somewhere? Does cultures and traditions hold any boundaries? Also, why is it that some athletes take part in both Olympics and Paralympics? Do they necessarily put other athletes at a disadvantage? If people can take part in both then surely they should only be allowed to take part in the Olympics. After all, Paralympics is for those people that are unable to compete at same level on the Olympics circuit. Moreover, as the Paralympics take their time to begin let us hope it shapes and motivates more people to support the events and the need for sports in all our lives as not only an entertainment value but a true glory in the spirit of achievement, hard work, the relentless pursuit of being the best at something that takes one forward in life both mentally and physically, extending and growing the sense of power in self-determination and belief.