2 September 2012

Public Services Should Not Be Making Money From Taxpayers

Why is it when one tries to contact any of the UK public services the numbers appear to be not free but chargeable to the taxpayer? Doesn't the taxpayer already pay enough taxes as it is only to be charged more for getting a service from the public services? It seems quite baffling as to the way such public services get away with it. One may be a job seeker and in order to contact Jobcentre the person would have to dial a chargeable number as if to assume the people that are unemployed already have enough money to spend on exorbitant call charges. And, if one complains they would get an arrogant telling of that they in fact are free which couldn't be further from the truth. One contacts the inland revenue to inquire about a tax issue or application status, not only do they keep one on hold for an extreme amount of time, but expect you to call back later on their chargeable number as if to say they just want to make as much money out of the call before letting one through. As a taxpayer, it seems shocking that public services departments are not able to support the taxpayer fully even through services that they are required to provide for which the taxpayer is already paying for in a multitude ways. It seems ghastly to assume public services are even providing a satisfactory service. On contrary, it makes one wonder where their taxes are going, what for, and how they are being utilized. Why does the taxpayer never get any form of accountability? Why are public services degrading and failing to provide a service to taxpayer? And, why are people that work for public services so arrogant when providing a service to taxpayer?