4 September 2012

The Value of Apple Products

Has one ever wondered how Apple products compare with other products in market. I am sure so many have and yet have been gobsmacked by the sheer ease of use that Apple products bring with them. However, they do bring all that at a cost to the consumer. Apple products are twice more expensive then rivals in market and not usually high on durability or reliability either. So, is one really getting best value for money? In my view Apple products are never really full functional items, they also do not provide the most dependable and reliable use either. Apple products can only be realistically described as a collectors item, a trendy piece of accessory for the trend tracking gadget aficionados. In my view Android products are far higher in functionality and reliability then Apple. Apple spends too much time on making user interfaces look good that most of the functionality, user friendliness, and reliability sort of takes a back seat. I rather have a durable electronic item that does what I need it to do than one that shape shifts its way around in shaky haphazard gasps through a pretty user interface. Nothing is even free on Apple, everything has to be paid for with extortion prices and even further whatever you do download becomes the property of Apple. These sorts of drawbacks should really make anyone wish they had an Android gadget at the palm of their hand. Having used both Linux, Windows, and Mac OS, I even found the Apple OS too slow and not very user friendly. An OS that tries to bridge the divide between Windows and Linux just cannot be very user friendly let alone without its quarks. I once even owned an iPhone with its paper rustling sounds, its haphazard antics of being functional one minute and non-functional the next. Now, owning an Android I feel a lot happier and content. With so many other gadgets out there that are worth pursuing, I think Android ones are not only cooler, less expensive, and the most functional ones in market by a hands down. In comparison to Android and Linux, I think Apple still are lagging quite behind and still haven't truely figured out where a balance really matters.