28 November 2012

For All There Exists Pi

Pi has always been a very curious and enlightening number. Although, irrational by nature it can almost feel like it can transcend time. The number is never ending. The enlightenment towards possibilities where everything lives forever. It is a transcendental number where a patternless digits seem to arise over an endless space almost like a matrix. Each digit appearing in equal frequencies. If one can class Pi as a normal number then the endless space might explain some truth in our existence within. There has been an endless amount of discussions and research on the value of Pi for which circumferences of a circle are measured. Perhaps, the idea of quantum immortality and existence. Can one really prove that Pi really does repeat after a certain infinite space of non-repeating numbers where every possible sequence exists? Can the realities of human life be explained through the patterns of Pi? Perhaps, as we exist here on earth there could be an endless universe where multiple aspects of oneself arises across the galaxy. Even in the golden ratio which is another equally interesting affair uses the complex configurations of Pi to produce a perfect equation. The measure of beauty and perfection can be described by the measure of a golden ratio where embedded in it is the transduction from Pi. The title elaborates on the logical constructs. "For All There Exists Pi". This implies that for every possibility there has to exist an infinite wisdom where anything is possible.  

26 November 2012

Life of Pi

This movie had a very impressive marketing campaign and trailer but it lacked a lot of depth. Life of Pi is about a boy who gets stranded in middle of an ocean with a tiger. The movie had a strange start and at times it seemed like never ending. And, when the movie really starts to pick up pace, which is after the storm, it leaves much to be desired. I was anticipating that it would be like a castaway sort of movie. Although, not without the quality acting of Tom Hanks. The story line takes on almost three different angles or viewpoints of introducing the viewer into the movie. First one is the early life of Pi as a childhood possibly the most boring part of the movie and showing scenes which were relatively irrelevant. The second, phase is the life of Pi during his days with the tiger in middle of an ocean where his survival instincts took over. And, the third phase is the narrator which is Pi providing the story line in the later years of his life. This makes the movie too long to watch. Also, the movie lacked emotion both in the life of Pi as well as the bond between him and the tiger. It was a rather regrettable and forgettable movie in the scene when Pi is seen crying as his tiger companion slowly disintegrates into the forest never to be seen again. It is almost as if the movie displays a total lack of comprehension of life, friendship, loyalty, and animals. The very thing that this movie was about in my view. Perhaps, if this movie had been directed by Steven Spielberg it may have taken a rather more dramatic and emotional twist. Life of Pi almost left me wanting more and yet not getting any in terms of climax. The movie shows more changing of days then the tides and plateaus in story. Also, the movie in my view seemed to lack structure. The most important part was possibly the most unendearing part. I felt a total lack of connection with the movie, it was as if the movie was playing and I was just watching. My anticipation and enjoyment in watching the movie suddenly felt overshadowed by a sense of  disappointment. They could have done so much more with the movie. It felt like watching a low budget movie with potential that was reduced by haphazard and almost meandering like editing cues not to mention being compounded by the lackluster performance from the child actor.