28 November 2012

For All There Exists Pi

Pi has always been a very curious and enlightening number. Although, irrational by nature it can almost feel like it can transcend time. The number is never ending. The enlightenment towards possibilities where everything lives forever. It is a transcendental number where a patternless digits seem to arise over an endless space almost like a matrix. Each digit appearing in equal frequencies. If one can class Pi as a normal number then the endless space might explain some truth in our existence within. There has been an endless amount of discussions and research on the value of Pi for which circumferences of a circle are measured. Perhaps, the idea of quantum immortality and existence. Can one really prove that Pi really does repeat after a certain infinite space of non-repeating numbers where every possible sequence exists? Can the realities of human life be explained through the patterns of Pi? Perhaps, as we exist here on earth there could be an endless universe where multiple aspects of oneself arises across the galaxy. Even in the golden ratio which is another equally interesting affair uses the complex configurations of Pi to produce a perfect equation. The measure of beauty and perfection can be described by the measure of a golden ratio where embedded in it is the transduction from Pi. The title elaborates on the logical constructs. "For All There Exists Pi". This implies that for every possibility there has to exist an infinite wisdom where anything is possible.