25 December 2012

Burgers in London

Burgers in UK seem to be medium to small compared to America. It seems the British burgers get a bit stingy in the way they make their order sizes but are still able to squeeze in a hefty ounce of beef. Unfortunately, if one really wants to enjoy a burger then may want to have a helping of two rather than just one burger in UK. For some strange reason, they also give side orders of skinny fries but why would any one want such a ridiculous size of fries. Chunky homemade fries are the real deal that go with a meaty scrumptious burger. Generally, one has several options to enjoy a burger meal in the big city like London. One can head out to a pub and get a full meal deal which are quite a bargain also at times can be quite tasty. Another, option is if one is really pocket tight then to head over to McDonald's or the Burger King. But, these places will make you sick later and the burgers are full of additives. Another, option is to head over to open markets where they make fresh burgers right there and then especially around the City of London. But, my favoriate places are the dedicated burger joints that truly provide flavor. Not a big fan of Fine Burger or Gourmet Burger. And, places like Hard Rock Cafe, Sticky Fingers, or Fuddruckers have really lost their touch on quality food with excessive waiting queues and misplaced orders. Some of my favoriate burger places in London, where they use quality meat, would have to be: