21 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas is fast approaching and there is a real rush developing on the high streets. Sales are on and a rambunctious bunch ready to grab a good bargain within the time constraints of a busy life. Often times buying the right gift for someone can become tricky. It is almost always a call on the lines of how well one knows someone. At times the cost factor becomes an issue. On other occasions, it is really not knowing someone important or much at all brings about a sudden rush of anxiety. Especially, when one has not even had a chance to check their wish list. How will they accept your gift? Will they like it? Furthermore, the gift giving between opposite sex becomes equally as hard. Christmas has in a way turned in to a very gift giving sort of event where people expect one another to give. The materialistic desires far overshadow the abstract ways of giving. The transformations of a family home glistening with a blossoming and well lit tree is an inviting indulgence in which merry people gather for almost a very poignant orgy of eating and drinking in copious amounts beyond the limits of their bellies can hold. By the time, Christmas passes on it leaves people with over run balances and a level of stress to plan for in the next year. Not even giving them sufficient time to recuperate does the next party opens its doors. The almost sudden new years eve exhumes an aura of everything associated to fun and people attempt to make new resolutions to change specific aspects of their lives in the coming new year. The deadly cold winds like a ghost on a snowboard all the while passing and gliding through engulfing tenaciously at every thing that can be associated with the elements of winter.