24 December 2012

Java Web Hosting

Java hosting has come along way as a result of cloud computing. As Java runs in a JVM it makes for appropriate language platform for large scale applications requiring several magnitudes of processing and load. The JVM also allows one to program in multiple alternative languages alongside Java such as Groovy and Scala. Java is also a very enterprise friendly language supporting a multitude of open source libraries and frameworks in a wide area of application domains. Java has always been a more expensive way to host an application on the web. However, the cloud has increased the possibilities for developers. There are quite a few cloud hosting providers that have started to provide Java support. A lot of them provide multiple language support.
However, one can always use a standard VPS or a dedicated server provider as an alternative for PaaS/IaaS for Java web hosting for which there are even more options available similar to Python.

Java Web Hosting
JSP Hosting

The following frameworks are often quite workable and supported on these cloud hosting platforms: