24 December 2012

Rainy Days in London

It rains a lot in London. There are more rainy days compared to almost two months of sunshine. One would expect that a lot of people would be out with umbrellas handy which is often the case. It seems as soon as the first signs of drizzle appears people are magically able to bring out their umbrellas. Only the fact remains that so many of these people do not really have a clue about how to carry an umbrella let alone to hold one in their hands. A lot of these umbrellas have a pointy end to them. These people do not realize that the end is in fact a hazard to many people behind and around them and should be pointed vertically down and not horizontally up as it can appear to act like a concealed weapon. The chances of hitting someone are quite high especially if the individual with a brolly decides to circumnavigate and circumlocate their route to a certain angle. In a city like London where there are so many pedestrians the chances of causing grievous bodily harm from such carelessness are high. I have to admit I have been hit by brollies a lot in London and can say with experience that these people do not even have the manners to say sorry or the fact that they cannot even watch out as to how they carry an umbrella is a misdirection of its own. Maybe, they should start having etiquette schools for individuals with umbrellas in UK.