22 February 2013

Most Dangerous Cities In World Of 2013

Almost every city in world faces crime of some form or another. Especially, in poorest of neighborhoods is where crime seems to flourish. Crime seems to feed on the needy and helpless. In fact, greed can be another attribute where lack of resources and frustration with economic hardships can lead to crime and even family pressures. As the divide between the rich and poor increases so does the greed and jealousy. It seems lack of understanding or care for another is almost left behind for individuality. Perhaps, this is the dark corridor of capitalism where social norms are broken down where every one is thinking of themselves as an individual and competing for resources. Furthermore, as corruption within the public services and government increases it also adds to the reduction of safety and security in such cities. Thus, fueling uncertainty and lawlessness in these cities. Often times it is the civilians that are left paying the price for the failing governments in tackling crime effectively.

The following cities of the world have been rated as one of the most dangerous for crime fueled by drug trade, ruthless gang violence, poverty, and corruption:
  1. San Pedro Sula (Honduras)
  2. Maceio (Brazil)
  3. Ciudad Juarez (Mexico)
  4. Acapulco (Mexico)
  5. Distrito Central (Honduras)
  6. Caracas (Venezuela)
  7. Chihuahua (Mexico)
  8. Belem (Brazil)
  9. Mogadishu (Somalia)
  10. Karachi (Pakistan)