19 February 2013

New Girl

So, they finally kiss on New Girl. It was a pretty steamy kiss that was well received. Although, the preamble leading up to it was rather meandering in quite a few exploratory directions. At times the show can be quite funny but quite a few times it was cheesy at best. The awful truth now lies in the way they handle each other after the kiss which will possibly make for another turning point. The show does seem to challenge their acting careers. Beyond the show neither of the actors seem to have any varied scope to their past successes in acting or lack thereof. I would have liked to have seen a bond developing into a relationship similar to 'Friends' but it remains to be seen as to how they progress on through the episodes. The show does try to display some similarities to 'Friends' but in a very college level demographic. Why do drama shows always seem to bounce actors around like every one is having sex with everyone else through the episodes? Is this the reality of culture we live in or perhaps the writers find interesting narratives in the different situations?