11 March 2013

24 TV Series

Although, 24 has been around for a while now since 2001 and with 8 seasons in merit it remains a diabolical masterpiece of intrigue, drama, and suspense. Each season, giving rise to a new story within the transitions of 24 episodes of counter terrorism. The uncompromising and limitless acting of Kiefer Sutherland in each episode emerges into an electrifying and engrossing experience for the viewer.  Even the substandard acting in some of the characters does not disuage the realization of suspense that is delivered through Jack Bauer. I spent almost 8 weeks going through each season with open surround sound. It is a pity that it came to such an end after season 8. The episodes almost seemed like they were mini movies of their own entirety. Strangely enough, I found the character of the President Charles Logan in the season 5 and 6 very annoying and a real drag to watch. The intense and often artfully coordinated rescue scenes to the almost realistic torture sequences all appeared very indulging to watch. There have been plenty of crime dramas around focusing on law, politics, to forensic investigations. However, 24 remains an immense series of the past and potentially influencing many of the present and future.