30 March 2013

Django Unchained

Django Unchained is effervescent in brutality and the inescapable truths of the slavery past on the lands of the American south. Each individual character had a unique sense of personality imprinted in their story lines and this provided for a very unique and dynamic aspect to the movie. The characterizations are explored in a neo-noir perspective bringing together the nonlinear story lines, satirical imposition, and the stylistic sense of violence.  Perhaps, the astounding aspect in movie can be explored from the camouflaged surrealism brought about from background music and the depiction of scenes that often seems to implode in ones face via crazy and archetypal gun violence. The rescue of two married lovers and their reunion is also explored in the atypical plot lines.  One of the most unique characters is that of Stephen and the relationship between him and Candie. The movie displays that even black on black slavery brutality existed in past. It is in a way a bit of a conundrum the way the character of Stephen is portrayed in the movie. It is also an unfathomable truth that as the bounty hunter, after rescuing his wife, heads out into the yonder with his certificate of freedom in hand, perhaps his days are numbered till he is caught on the other side for the destruction of CandyLand and at a time when slavery may have been nearing its end.