2 May 2013

Holographic Messages For Mobile

I think it be quite neat to have holographic message effects for mobile that could be sent just as one sends a text message only with a lot of 3D realism. It be quite similar to 3D TV only without the need to wear glasses and the effects would literally happen on the circumference of the mobile. Message mates can be funny, comical, creative, and at same time intimate as well as relay the mood between two individuals quite well without requiring the need to type wordy texts. They could come handy during all sorts of occasions from work colleagues, friends, family, to even a partner. A few examples would do justice here. On valentines day someone could send a virtual kiss or a virtual rose that rises up out of the mobile phone with maybe even a message attached. One could even send a virtualized gift on some ones birthday with a pop up clown or a stripogram. Another option could be for sending particular moody messages like when one is angry at someone they could send them a fire message that virtually puts their phone on fire and gives them a slight heated sensation on their hands. Or, perhaps one wants to know when they have received an email without the typical vibrator or a tone going off, they could set it so the phone feels like it is melting or freezing up. Virtualization on mobile could even allow for 3D conferencing, geomapping, flexible learning, remote security of car, home, family, and so much more. Even the idea of allowing people to customize their own effects would be pretty cool. The effects could even include an aspect of ambient intelligence. It be quite amazing to set one up for an android or even an iphone. It certainly doesn't seem impossible especially looking at the introduction of Google Glass.