9 June 2013

Data Science Meetups

Data Science is all about telling a story through data that can be understood by non-practitioners. It combines the theory with the practice in process of extracting meaning from data and creating data products that provide method for producing and exposing information in specific contexts. This could involve the steps of data analytics, visualization, practical approaches to machine learning, data warehousing, and big data processing. In order to understand data science, one needs to get to grips with certain principles of database theory, agile approach, and the spiral dynamics. The practical steps generally involve organizing, packaging, and delivery of data where several questions need to be answered in order to get to grips with data processing or data mining in particular. The processes are then cycled through various technologies which are  currently in an explosive growth and change.

A really good approach to start taking the steps towards understanding the methods and approaches is through background reading, practice, and attend meetups. There are several meetups and conferences being held from time to time across the world. There is one data science meetup in particular that is quite active - data science