13 July 2013

A Society of Stereotypes

Why are societies so dependent on stereotypes? Does human civilization dependent on stereotypes for survival?  Stereotypes are not innate but rather conjured up opinions that people gather as they grow up within their communities. It also appears that in the west there is proportionally more stereotypes about the east than the east hold against the west. Why is it that when someone from the western culture visits the east they are humbled with respect. But, when the same individual from east visits the western environment they are often treated as substandard even to the effect of refugees or illegal migrants. All these are stereotypical aspects that are conjured as generalizations on a profile. Stereotypes abound in all aspects within society from race to sexual orientation to even places of employment. Stereotypes are also the fundamental influences on how a certain group of people are constantly profiled. Why is it that on airports that it is always a particular race being profiled? Why does one assume so much from just a name? We live in a world of globalization where a multitude of races, religions, sexual orientations, and interests abound. These very same stereotypes also dictate the availability for resources and the opportunities that one has in life even by way of employability. We don't just develop stereotypes we are brought up in them through peer influences. It is astonishing that the more education one has the more stereotypes they bring with them. Universities and schools are one of the biggest places where stereotypes flourish. And, as people grow older they come to follow such stereotypes in every aspect of life and decision making. Stereotypes implies a mark of ignorance and no matter how one tries to provide reasoning against it they seem to still be around among people. Perhaps, it is the sociological competitive aspects within people that makes the inequality seem like the way many try to compartmentalize their way of thinking about others. However, one looks at it stereotyping is unjustified. Unless, you know the person well you should not make assumptions about them whether from their skin color, their name, or even from the clothes they wear.