31 August 2013


Sushi, in particular, Japanese places in London are quite a few. However, finding quality places is fairly limited. YoSushi! is one of the cheapest places around lacking in much freshness of the fish and cannot in all honesty be classed as a Japanese takeaway. One of the best places I find in London is Atariya where the fish is just deliciously fresh and tender on rice. The sushi quality is splendid. They can be found mostly in north side of London and provide for both takeaway and eating in options. They have one main branch situated in central London. Atariya also provides a wide selection of fish and other options.

30 August 2013

The Degenerative Memory

Everyone grows old as we are all mortals of time. And, as the ageing process continues so does the memory decline as well as other body/mind related effects. Eating well and keeping healthy early on is the best course of action to avoid many ailments later in life. However, finding out early rather than later allows for a more effective course of remedial action.

The following article shows some of the progress being made towards understanding memory decline and forgetfulness.

LinkedUp Projects

LinkedUp is a community providing linked data challenges in a hackathon friendly environment to muster solutions to real-world internet problems of big data and knowledge discovery. In process, taking the necessary steps for the knowledge evolution on the web in form of open data and allowing for open education and learning. Semantic Web and Linked Data is the next big process towards a more connected web landscape. 

29 August 2013

Google Glass Creatives

Google Glass is an interesting piece of wearable device with an infusive opportunities for mashup applications. Although, in some circles Google Glass is still viewed with reluctance and skepticism similar to the dwindling future of the 3D glasses of the time when the Avatar movie had come out in cinema. However, there is an immense amount of untapped uses that could be added on to Google Glass with the sheer creative delights of mashups reloaded. One of the best places to harness the abilities of such a device is to head over to a hackathon near you and try it out for yourself. There is always a hackathon going on some where or another. Best place to check is on Google or at a meetup.

Google Glass meetups
Google Glass

19 August 2013

Google Outage

Perhaps, they even own the domain name: Google Outage. Whatever happened to "prrfft Google down?" - not likely. Well, it was so true on Friday. When everything on Google services pretty much felt drained out of life. It was like someone had pulled the plug. I was at work and I felt everything was a drag and then near enough in afternoon everything went kaput, lingering and lingering in almost like snail pace. It almost felt like Google had become inflicted with a Microsoft bug defined by the word "slow" and "down". Even five minutes of downtime is just so unacceptable especially for businesses. More than likely, the outage will reek havoc and the traffic flow will dissipate to other search engines. Maybe, this was a political maneuver by a competitor or maybe Google was hacked? Or, it could just have been simply a case of Google maintenance/upgrade mistake? Why don't Google feel need to give an explanation? They owe it to their customers after all when their services are down businesses are effected, which means downtime. Businesses were not even informed with courtesy for contingency planning meaning their services could suffer in future. 

18 August 2013

Applied Interaction Design

Interaction Design is a very interdisciplinary area centered around the design of digital environments, services, systems, devices, interfaces, and products where human factors and behaviors are a center of focus. In process, it involves visualizing how things "might be" verses how things "actually are".

The below links provides a source of further information and on design patterns for the various interaction design domains.

10 August 2013


Databases have come along way in technological advancements and there is a huge range of new approaches being researched. From relational to noSQL to newSQL to object and many more. It seems with such a varied choice both open source and licensed options, the wise architecture design decisions become ever more tricky to specific business cases even more so for big data domains. The below diagram extrapolates a map of various databases and how they fit in the grand scheme of things within the database community.


Although, the sequel of Red to Red2 does seem to continue, the content and points of connection still leave much to be desired. It seems Bruce Willis really is losing his touch from reality as he ages, he is also showing signs of arrogance building in lackluster performances of late. The changing of casts was also not a very appealing in Red2. The storyline did seem to spiral on a lot from one point to the next which leaves one wondering of a confusing jigsaw puzzle of screenplay. Catherine Zeta-Jones was again terrible with her acting and completely did not fit the role. In some respects Red2 was saved by continued authentic acting from John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox. Perhaps, Bruce Willis acting career can be contemplated as on a decline through the last few movies that were completely enervated. It seems as American actors age they lose their sense of appeal and declining acting quality. But, as British, Australian, and Canadian actors age they seem to garner more roles and better performances.

7 August 2013

Federal Reserve Audit

It is quite funny when the federal reserve members get questioned they often appear to totally struggle to answer the very basic of questions. Makes one wonder how such people could be given the responsibility of managing the economic well being of America.