19 August 2013

Google Outage

Perhaps, they even own the domain name: Google Outage. Whatever happened to "prrfft Google down?" - not likely. Well, it was so true on Friday. When everything on Google services pretty much felt drained out of life. It was like someone had pulled the plug. I was at work and I felt everything was a drag and then near enough in afternoon everything went kaput, lingering and lingering in almost like snail pace. It almost felt like Google had become inflicted with a Microsoft bug defined by the word "slow" and "down". Even five minutes of downtime is just so unacceptable especially for businesses. More than likely, the outage will reek havoc and the traffic flow will dissipate to other search engines. Maybe, this was a political maneuver by a competitor or maybe Google was hacked? Or, it could just have been simply a case of Google maintenance/upgrade mistake? Why don't Google feel need to give an explanation? They owe it to their customers after all when their services are down businesses are effected, which means downtime. Businesses were not even informed with courtesy for contingency planning meaning their services could suffer in future.