10 August 2013


Although, the sequel of Red to Red2 does seem to continue, the content and points of connection still leave much to be desired. It seems Bruce Willis really is losing his touch from reality as he ages, he is also showing signs of arrogance building in lackluster performances of late. The changing of casts was also not a very appealing in Red2. The storyline did seem to spiral on a lot from one point to the next which leaves one wondering of a confusing jigsaw puzzle of screenplay. Catherine Zeta-Jones was again terrible with her acting and completely did not fit the role. In some respects Red2 was saved by continued authentic acting from John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox. Perhaps, Bruce Willis acting career can be contemplated as on a decline through the last few movies that were completely enervated. It seems as American actors age they lose their sense of appeal and declining acting quality. But, as British, Australian, and Canadian actors age they seem to garner more roles and better performances.