5 September 2013

The Web of Sentiments

Increasingly, the web is opening up new avenues for customers and consumers to voice their service and product issues and share it on the Internet. In process, with the viral growth of sentiments, it is bound to make a company or an individual notice and respond. There are a multitude of avenues opening up for customers: blogging, review sites, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, and even Twitter Promoted Tweets. The sensational way of viral marketing can be utilized for voicing opinions all from the Internet. This will no doubt make many companies rethink their approach to public relations, after sales services, customer satisfaction, and in quality assuring their products.


Apple Products Are Not Upgradeable

What you are paying a premium on with Apple is the aesthetic design. The build quality is cheap. The functionality not fully tested. Support services are over priced. The OS configuration security services are a right pain for application installation. And, one of the biggest flaws of Apple products are that they are non-upgradeable and nor future proof once bought. One has to pay premium and almost double to get an upgrade of any sort and the products do not even fully support upgrade options as they are so limited in hardware capacity to allow for that. In the general PC market, an upgrade is understandably a major requirement for customers to be supported by any vendor. However, on most Apple macs just to do a memory upgrade one has to buy an entire amount rather than the amount you want to actually upgrade to with the existing memory. On most machines these combinations are fully supported. It is always advisable on an Apple to buy memory option all inclusive within one card slot rather than split into two in case one decides to upgrade. That is the only way it is possible to avoid paying double on upgrades with Apple. The model of most Apple products seem to work on the notion of point of sale only, customers often need to be aware that that is all they will get for their money and nothing more later on in terms of support or upgrades.