12 December 2013

Event-Driven Application Frameworks

There are quite a few interesting even-driven frameworks visible now for the service aware developer. In many respects making a non-blocking IO approaches and intensive real-time processing all the more workable with a degree of simplicity. Polyglot programming is becoming more of a standard these days as people look for the right language approaches for the job. In past, used to be more of a hype and a trend but it is becoming more and more a necessity to be able to program in more than one language. Event-driven is a main stay for functional specialist programming approaches where the task is made easier by high-level abstractions like closures. But, they can still be adapted for more enterprise level languages as well. Some common viable event-driven application frameworks in use today are mentioned below.

Vert.x - polyglot support on the JVM
Node.js - javascript intensive on the server-side
Twisted - python specific
Typesafe - Scala specific for the JVM
EventMachine - Ruby specific
Perl Object Environment - perl specific
Libevent - C specific

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