11 December 2013

Everything GoodRelations

Imagine an entire e-commerce platform of semantic product domains ontologically dispersed using modified OWL-DL from goodrelations. What this means for business is insurmountably huge. It means annotations, sentiments and natural language semantics. It also means better recommendations that have real meaning both to customers and to providers alike. It means real revenue drives. Imagine Amazon as a semantic platform driving their whole storefront. Even Ebay with their auction and classifieds ontologies. Optimzations are vastly available via semantic web. If only such businesses utilize such models at their disposal and connected them via Linked Data it would mean vast swarms of linked crawlers could provide navigation and searching for semantic findability. Imagine being able to query both Amazon, Google, EBay for product using just a remote semantic query and getting annotated results back as to where to buy it, stock availability, price, and so on and so forth anywhere in the world even at a local store. There is a lot that can be applied and improved in the content viability with e-commerce semantics. When semantic web becomes the norm on web it could further pave the way for multiagents on the horizon that could both facilitate automated internet node recovery from failure but also satisficing options for users via game theory.