9 December 2013

Interconnected News

BBC are huge on semantic ontologies. Ever since embarking on semantic web for Olympic sports they have grown and grown in their diverse uses of semantic ontologies within their content areas. The next revolution for news agencies and media outlets is interconnected ontology services via linked data. This should pave the way for sharing of breaking news and alerts to dissemination of information in a free flowing standardized manner allowing anyone to query anything on the web and keep connected to what is going on in the mist of events in the global web space. The ultimate in web of open semantic question/answering services becomes more realistic. In process, increasing more creative ways for semantic advertising. The more enriched natural language becomes the more realistic one can address sentiments within text and more realistic predictions and forecasts can be made. Already, we have access to Freebase and DBPedia as well as SentiWordNet. The process could even make cognitive robots with deep learning a more plausible ideal that can think and interpret events, emotions, perceptions to a finer level of granularity similar to a human and to be able to take more decisive action. Web Intelligence via Semantic Web is the next evolution in information dexterity for an organized and meaningful view of interpreting actionable data.