30 December 2013

Year 2013

As we look back towards the end of the year 2013, we can wonder about the many past occurrences in the world that made it eventful. Like they say it is always best to look on the brighter side of life as we project on into a gradual transition to 2014. It seems as things change the more they do stay the same and at the very slow pace life transitions in to a higher level of modernity while time skips ahead. We wonder what new experiences one will feel in new year for a non-stop rhythmic beats of the heart and the soul searching mind destined for greatness. The below lists a few major events that took place in 2013:

China Moon Rover Lands on Moon.(Dec-10)
Nelson Mandela Dies at 95.(Dec-04)
Iran Nuclear Deal.(Nov-22)
Super Typhoon Haitan Devastates Philippines.(Nov-07)
US government shutdown.(Oct-01)
Kenya Mall Attack.(Oct-21)
Washington DC Navy Yard Shooting.(Sep-17)
Tokyo Japan wins to host 2020 Olympics.(Sep-07)
Microsoft buys Nokia mobile business at $7.2bn.(Sep-02)
NASDAQ in error for three hours during trading time.(Aug-21)
Syria Chemical Attack Allegation.(Aug-21)
Spain train crash.(Jul-25)
Detroit files for bankruptcy.(Jul-18)
Boeing 777 Crashes at San Francisco Airport.(Jul-06)
Egypt Army Ousts President Mursi.(Jun-22)
US NSA Prism Program.(Jun-06)
Baltimore cruise ship fire in Caribbean.(May-27)
London shocked after brutal machete attack.(May-22)
Huge tornado hits Oklahoma.(May-20)
Scientists successfully cloned human stem cells.(May-17)
Yahoo buy Tumblr for $1.1bn.(May-17)
Bangladesh Factory Collapse, Over 700 Dead.(May-05)
Deadly earthquake hits China Sichuan.(Apr-18)
Boston Marathon Blasts.(Apr-16)
Margaret Thatcher Dies at 87.(Apr-07)
The rise of bitcoin.(Mar-20)
Cyprus plans to tax bank deposits.(Mar-17)
Meteorites injured hundreds in Russia.(Feb-14)
Pope Benedict XVI resigned.(Feb-10)
About 230 Dead During Brazil Nightclub Fire.(Jan-27)
Algeria Hostage Crisis.(Jan-16)
Stampede During New Year Fireworks in Ivory Coast.(Jan-01)