22 January 2014

Online Data Science Programs

Online Learning is slowly but steadily becoming the norm for continued education past the standard undergraduate level. There are new opportunities that seem to spring up and newer options become globally available. It seems that online learning in not too distant future will likely become the way people become active in their learning and attain more educated while fitting in with their hectic work schedules and family commitments. There are many data science related options and initiatives that have started to take shape in past couple of years and are only likely to increase through institutional competitiveness for seeking opportunist candidates hungry for learning. These options are available in form of individual self-assessed courses, certification routes, or even full degrees. A few options are listed below which may be fairly new while others are more flexible and have been around for some time. Also, one of the best ways to extend learning is through open access journals that provide for reading material on current research in various areas to obtain direct insights into specific domains of interest. It is still the case that formal education at undergraduate is usually the best option after which further education becomes a lot more flexible. Obviously, there is no substitute with the flexibility of learning available for on-campus offerings.

University Programs: