31 January 2014

The Mentalist

Somehow the discovery and annihilation of the Blake Association leader, Red John, has completely disfigured the premise of The Mentalist. The recent few episodes of season 6 could imply the sudden end to the series. It seems that the purpose and the evolving relationship between Lisbon and Jane has somehow been tarnished. What else is there in the making? There is no interesting story lines left apart from the frustrating chemistry between Jane and Lisbon.  Once, that is resolved, it will inevitably mean the end to the future of The Mentalist. The introduction of FBI team and the often lacking in story lines in the recent few episodes shows that the series has reached its pinnacle and the writers are struggling to find any further tangible climaxes. Also, they really should kill off the role of Kim Fisher. Not only, does the role look out of place but the person playing the role is quite inadequate. The chemistry between Lisbon and Jane is what makes the show work. It stands to reason that the show needs to get a grip on better story lines if they are to continue the interest of their audience and fan base.