4 February 2014


An interesting take on bringing together investors and start ups is AngelList. This platform provides a way to avoid the middleman saving on much legal fees and also provides access for recruitment. There is even anticipation for crowdsourcing as well as a partnership with CrunchBase which provides access to company database. The service has been around since 2010, but the website could use a bit of an overhaul especially as it feels unresponsive and  quite a drag to navigate around. One trend that can be seen from many of the start ups is that a lot of the applications look to solving a real problem which can have a quantifiable value both to an investor and to a consumer especially in analytics or an aspect of ecommerce. There are also many which provide for some media or finance outlet for a specific niche spectrum of the market. The unique spelling of domain names also displays how dense the Internet has become as so many of the standard domain names have been taken back during the dot-com era.