15 February 2014

Cheesecake Factory

If only they had cheesecake factory in Europe and UK. They have well over 150 locations in US and hardly any international other than in Middle East. Their scrumptious cakes are a delight especially some which are almost double in size. Perhaps, one day they will open more international franchises and take the world by storm. I remember the first time I visited one of their restaurants. The first slice of Linda's Fudge Cake was just an absolute amazing treat exploding with flavor and even their cake in its entirety was magnificently huge in size. They also have other authentic blend of cheese and speciality cakes which are equally as splendid, if not better. It is no wonder why they are so successful. But, cheesecake factory is not just about cakes they also provide full course meals which are equally as grand. In their Grand Lux Cafe the food styles could range from a mixture of American, European, Thai, Mexican, Caribbean, and others making it a truly melting pot of experience on the taste buds.