12 February 2014


One of the strangest sport in Olympics is Curling. Possibly, the only sport that uses house sweeping utensil and turns it into a vital sporting accessory. It could not possibly be classed as a sport as there is no real exertion other than a lot of shouting, sliding, and sweeping. It reminds one of what bored people would do as a past time if they were living in places like Yukon and reusing whatever they had available around the house in the bitter cold. It also uses attire that almost mimics that of a reminiscent pyjama party. Also, the sport is even accessible to 5 year olds and beauty pageants. There is also an immense amount of growling like a cat woman. It is also one of the very few sporting activities that allows one to adorn themselves with jewelry and makeup while playing. Even Google search seems to think Curling is not a sport as it is often the first auto-suggest filters available. There is also huge amount of shouting that teammates have to put up with almost like being out with a drunkard. Pets are even allowed to take part. One can wonder if there is anyone out there that has ever had to decide between cartoonism or curling as their profession and even attempt to get a doctorate in the subject matter. Unfortunately, the sport appears to be gaining in popularity every year. Most likely because like darts one rarely has to flex their muscles all that much and is accessible to anyone that has ever had to clean around the house. There is even a Curling book for dummies. Strangely, it is also classed as 'chess on ice' with stones and brooms as opposed to artfully crafted pieces.  One can wonder how sports like Curling gained such an appetite and became so popular whereas Squash has yet to be entered into Olympics.