25 February 2014

Defense Companies

In order for defense related private sector to be lucrative there has to be demand for potential business. In order to drive such demand and supply one obvious has to have a necessity. The creation of wars in the world is one major necessity where a problem invariably requires a resolution. We live in a world of constant perpetual illogical fear mongering that grows along side the intangible need for war. Without wars and conflict the private sector for defense would be out of business. One needs to ask themselves should these companies really be targeting fresh graduates at university? Should they really be giving career talks? Should one really be looking to work for such companies? One must realize that life is not always about money, or just about oneself. We live alongside others sharing in the many pools of resources. There is a certain level of hypocrisy in being against animal testing and yet working for a pharmaceuticals company. There is also hypocrisy in being against sub-prime lending and yet working for a bank that is active in such activities. There is yet another hypocrisy in working for a defense contractor who specializes in tactical weapons, intelligence, or even surveillance, if one is in issue with all those aspects. Why do people give up their values and morals all at the expense of earning a basic income? Most such jobs do not even pay as much comparatively. Where one works can be viewed as an extension of what one supports after all employees are representatives of a company especially when such workforce drives the production of services into market. Perhaps, the end to wars lies at the hands of a collective many as the trails of globalization and capitalism would show.