21 February 2014

Employment Contracts

One might say these days that employers are trying to provide an open collegial environment for work. But, invariably as a business it is often employer vs employee. One needs to be cautious with employment contracts and fully informed with a sense of awareness of the contractual agreements. It is also best to get an employment contract overlooked by a trusty employment lawyer in case there are any clauses that need re-wording or clarification. As once the contract is signed any number of things could go wrong later. One also needs to be fully aware of their employee rights and the best ways to approach any conflicting matters that might arise. Acas is one such organization that provides advice and guidance on UK employment disputes but also a range of information on their website. Other options include: Citizens Advice, Gov.uk, CIPD, EmpLaw, Personnel Today, Employment Rights, EU Law and many others.