20 February 2014

Ill-Conceived Nutritions

Everyone knows that fast foods can be bad for health when consumed in excess. Some are bad in more ways then one. Others are just best avoided. However, nutritionists often take such measures to the extreme, almost pushing us away from tasty food altogether, enforcing diets to excessive limits, and effecting our health risks even more. It seems the best way is the common sense way - a balanced diet without taking extreme measures. Having an only protein diet, or only of one area of the food group also adds to the health risk. In most diets this is what essentially happens. Even yo-yo dieting habits have a negative effect on health. A lot of so called nutritionists also have no idea about what the right diet is and become more concerned with driving their own brand as a business idea. There are just too many side-tracked ways floating around by so called professionals in the field to divert our focus on the basics of eating healthy and well.  All it really requires is a bit of common sense, understanding the body to know what eating well really means, and enriching one's life with many indulgences with a balance.