12 February 2014

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza not to die for but still authentically scrumptious if not cold at time of service. Pizza Pilgrims are a bit stingy with the toppings but perhaps that is an understatement if one classes such a pizza as authentic. Although, they are reasonably priced with more focused tastes. Authentic crust is not for every one's taste but if one likes the feel of a stone baked sort of pizza then it might work as an option. There are plenty of options available. At least for me the pizza is a lot better than commercialized options like Domino's, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, and even Papa Johns. But, certainly not at the level of Zizzi. There are yet to be any pizza outlets in London that provide for a truly deep dish pizza. Below are a few more pizza places in London that potentially are at league of their own. 

Sacro Cuore
Santa Maria Pizzeria
Story Delli
Pizza Metro Pizza
Franco Manca
Pizza East