7 February 2014

Real Steel

As robots become more intelligent and useful, they will eventually subsume more integrated prowess for artificial intelligence to be applied in multitude applications and to help in our daily lives. In process, the complexity of emotional sensation will provide for additional capacities for robots to understand and exist within their surroundings. Real Steal was a movie that provides inspiration for robots to exist in full form for combat and yet replace human wrestlers and boxers alike. It provides for a more digital existence of similar kind as illustrated in many William Gibson novels. In essence, driving more processing and individually distinguished abilities in robots provides not only more versatility but also varied uses for their existence. The hardest bit of artificial intelligence is the process of dissipating a sense of free will within a robot similar to A.I and I-Robot. However, taking inspiration from the human mind and neural brain capacity, there may be emotional processes for such metaphorical stimulus development. In current times, robots are merely specialized agents trained to be good at one thing and one thing only. They may not even distill the full vagaries of a robot, but provide merely an aspect of it such as an intelligent arm, an intelligent cooker, and so on. This seems like to provide a full robot one requires a full extent of neural activity as well as an array of sensors for detecting the environment for reinforcement feedback. As robots arise and advance into the future, we will inevitably see them becoming more ubiquitous within our daily lives and transforming our world into a new era of human existence where man lives along side robots. Thus, the intractable complexities of systems takes on a different meaning. There is always progress ahead for artificial intelligence where technology in both software and hardware plays catch up as people are able to learn and comprehend the many virtues of technological breakthroughs in making artificial intelligence a reality, often taking on many forms of inspiration.