16 March 2014


An interesting effort to bring together the synergy of social web and harmonize towards a means of action for a cause is change.org. One of the few web sites that are providing a web facility that can allow the collection of petitions and provide for a change while at same time measuring the vocal power for the internet and the accessibility that it provides for all. In a manner of speaking, where voices can't be heard, the web is making all things possible for many. There is an immense power that the written voice of many over a few which can provide for a surmountable change or at least for a sense of awareness and take the steps necessary towards a serious effort. There seems to be a poignant notion here that makes everyone feel a sense of necessity for what they believe in for which one can gather hope with support that they recieve in just signatures and have their voices heard. Maybe, a few signatures does hold a huge power towards making change when so many get together to support a cause without even needing to rally on streets. It makes the web feel more of a civilized vehicle as well as a potent weapon for political and social change.