18 March 2014

Comic Services

Flip book comics can be a lot of fun. However, smarter comics could also be fun. Make one's own comic strips could be even better. Why not use comics as a way of teaching kids to learn things. Most kids and even adults enjoy comics. It is one of those things that one never grows out of. Comics nourish our youth and provide us with a feeling of nostalgia. And, yet they are also filled with stories in form of bubbles. Creating new characters and making them come alive could also be quite cool. And, yet helping kids develop their own flip books could be one way of teaching kids to read in the most simple of ways. Also, smart comic services could be introduced to develop better stories with specific traits. Even collaborative comics could be a new form of social networking. Going even further, connected comic stories where people could communicate in form of comic bubbles and forge them as part their memories. Further, even comic services could provide a means of linked data where web of stories could be translated into comic strips. Even coded network security could form comics that could be translated into binary at point of encode and decode of messages. Comic social networking could be quite fun with a way to create your own strips of episodes building within a sub-plot for different characters. One could even form knowledge discovery and store them as preservation pieces of comic stories. Comics have been around for generations upon generations. And, yet as we grow old they begin to dwindle as part of our every day lives. They are a treasure chest of memories that could be treated like think caps into our every day lives perpetuating the very stories that we live everyday. Perhaps, there really could be an epitome of a hero in all of us.