23 March 2014

GitHub Websites

GitHub is a very useful platform for source control with its distributed model possibly the best there is for flexibility and community driven projects. It also has a very interesting option of hosting free project or portfolio sites using the GitHub Pages. Simple and sleek looking websites could be built in a matter of minutes as well as with the addition of blogging from same repo base. Although, it only really supports simple static HTML and CSS which is often enough to get a quick website up and running against a domain.  It also uses a very simple model of blog sites with Jekyll. An alternative to that in Python would be Hyde. An alternative to GitHub is Bitbucket which is also a very interesting platform. It is further used for the Atlassian Stash platform for the enterprise. Although, for the premium services, the Stash platform may work out cheaper for the enterprise compared to GitHub. And, even Bitbucket which on a free option allows for unlimited private repositories compared to GitHub which only allows for unlimited public repositories on the free plan.