18 March 2014

Java 8

Today marks the arrival of a new Java version release 8. It also marks the start of a new beginning for the programming language platform supporting further the use of functional programming and lambda. The benefits of lambda, in theory, are to effectively use concurrency as well as the callback method of programming that is typical makeup of cloud based development. Obviously, as it always happens, during a new release, there will be some uptime during which some will quickly look to installing and playing with it, others will stall their upgrades until any issues are found in the community, and there will be others who will languish in the version 6 and will only just start to migrate to version 7. Also, there will certainly be language related libraries and frameworks that would need the upgrade in order to support the new platform. This means another quarter of version upgrades and rediscovery within the community for the platform. It also means a closer fit with the Scala language overtime.

5 features java 8 will change