16 March 2014

London Formula One

It would definitely be amazing if such an event could take place in London. With so many historical sections of the city on display, it would mean a massive economic boost not to mention tourism. However, the traffic and congestion would certainly need to be thought through carefully as such event in practicality would need to be staged on a weekend especially outside of rush hour. Plus, London really does go into a standstill at even the slight bit of weather changes. Almost every year there is an issue from even little bit of thunderstorms to the sprinkling of flurries. Outside of London it is almost always about flooding. The event will also spark more crowds within an already crowded city. However, there is just such a sheer amount of big data that can be cultivated from such an event for huge urban benefit even to understand the market and social trends. Also, it would force London to push towards a plan for a cleaner city as it would also bring a huge load of garbage. One could also argue that London's carbon footprint could grow to leaps and bounds from such a fuel guzzling event. Perhaps, it is a waiting game till the dream eventually does become a reality. It surely would be a dream come true for advertising sponsors and property developers. House prices could even skyrocket forcing people to shift more and more outside of London.

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