22 March 2014

Security Updates

Desktop and web software often provide automatic updates for new releases and patches. However, at times such updates can cause havoc on one's PC and potential conflicts with other existing applications. Fortunately, as it goes for most types of software there is usually a workaround to rollback an update to a previous snapshot. For a lot of web software, this is not always the case. One also needs to be aware of the context of such updates. Windows and Mac often have options for automatic updates, for example. And, so do web browsers, if they are set to update automatically that is. However, with all the intrusions and privacy concerns floating around with snooping on internet users, there are no sufficient safeguards in place to combat it. There is speculation that certain companies may be cooperating with such institutions to provide access for such snooping to take place. One of the very obvious ways that this can be planted is via the standard software updates that take place at any one time in the background without the user even being aware of it. An obvious way to avoid such a mishap is to not set such updates to happen automatically. Another, way is simply to disconnect the PC from the internet altogether when not in use and watch if there are any background jobs that seem to be getting stuck in process. It is also always handy to maintain snapshots or backups of the operating system periodically and regularly scan the PC for malware. Also, some software require an open TCP port entry when running which is also an obvious way of entry. Having an effective firewall strategy is useful too. This may be all too basic but such things often get overlooked by regular users as part of standard practice. Web security is a big concern nowadays. And, one very obvious snooping access is via email messages. Businesses often use digital mail encryption during transmissions to protect against any manner of snooping. As users face more and more security concerns, there will always be people looking to build preventative software. And, in order to keep in business there is always a need for people to provide for vulnerabilities. Internet has created not only a lot of benefits but also huge levels of security issues in process. Unfortunately, as one consents to using the internet, one also has to take responsibility for their actions including the protection of their own privacy. Internet is one place which has no borders and where anarchy pretty much would reign if it were not for standardizations.