16 March 2014

Smart Property Services

We live in a society where people want more out of data. And, yet there is so much of an information explosion that we require more context and smarter aligned services to our personalized needs. Property services are quite a drag and yet people want to derive more information about their local areas, about how their property prices are fluctuating. Even buyers and sellers have different contexts of needs for information. The complexities are further compounded by the different ways cities operate and the legal aspects to it all. There are many property search sites available on the internet. There is even an explosion of estate agencies. It would help if property services could do more for the buyer, seller, and the tenant. Open urban data certainly helps for clear visualization of patterns. But, it is also important to know the right places to look as well as the history of the property. Doing excessive background checks on tenants does not help either because it does not tell clearly enough about a tenant. Or, whether a seller or a buyer is likely to back off on an offer. Or, even if a mortgage application is likely to be approved. People want smart services that can do more than provide a list of information. They want to be assisted through the many unique and typical concerns that at times need to be personalized to each individual circumstances. Even smart calculators and planning tools help to alleviate much of the grind work. There are also very few smart services out there to help the tenant, the student, or even a first time buyers. There is also a lot of options to add semantic contexts to services. Buyers and sellers want to be able to make informed decisions. And, tenants want to be able to find accommodations as fast as possible, and with their specific circumstances knowing all the information about locations and their chances of getting a place for the right value. Perhaps, there needs to be more done in the property domain to cater for the many unique needs in form of creative and intelligent applications that can provide for a clear informational visualization with intuitive interaction designs.