17 March 2014


A new breed of event-driven server-side and asynchronous IO frameworks have emerged. Most are already aware of Nodejs as a specific Javascript aligned framework. However, Vert.x is emerging to be the pinnacle of simplicity and sophistication for a JVM enabled developer. It seems the model is just so flexible and scalable that it merits a clear win over Nodejs. Perhaps, the underlining question here is between Play Framework and Vert.x. Although, this platform is still fairly new, it does tend to support the polyglot programming. It would certainly help if there were more plugins available on the platform to make life even easier. Re-inventing the wheel may be the way to go with Vert.x. But, perhaps, the pain of starting from scratch is far outweighed by the sheer simplicity and versatility of the approach. In time we will see how Vert.x will transpire over the Nodejs approach with the many application user cases in production. At least, for the sake of security, Vert.x is a clear winner and even for scalability. Vert.x will be much preferred over the Nodejs in the financial services community. But, also by big data miners who may have a sheer dislike of the Javascript coding style. It will be the day of reckoning as to how such frameworks converge in time to provide some view of their usefulness. It also does seem that the development community is rather unfazed by such frameworks in a form of reluctance. Maybe, it is to the fact that they are just too new in their approaches to balance the developer training and cost of new development.