16 March 2014

Web Search For Missing Persons

Public services really need to open up a lot of their data especially for emergencies as communities can really help in process through identifying patterns in data and trends. There is one area which is severely lacking and that is the assistance that is available for parents or families who have to struggle through the information of missing persons. They often have to rely on public services that are at times incompetent, slow, and restrictive with their investigations. Perhaps, there should be a web search available for people to search through missing persons and allow them to track histories, whereabouts as well as map associations which can link them to specific targets to allow a way to locate the victims and the perpetrators. At least it would help speed things up and give the victim a chance to be found before they are hurt or lose hope. Many families go through such an ordeal never to find their missing members again. There really needs to be more done by way of making government databases available for searching and then for members of community which can filter and gather results so people are able to search freely in the process. Semantic Web, Geo Location Awareness, and Machine Learning are a few approaches that could help in such a domain in analysis and contextualizing informational knowledge from data.