3 April 2014

Air Pollution

We have wind power, solar power, water purifiers, and even dehumidifiers. We even have air purifiers that we can buy for home and office. And, yet we are not able to build air purifier solutions for large scale. As South East of England suffers high levels of smog it is necessary to run air purifiers over cities to reduce the pollution and treat the many contaminants in the air. Perhaps, people can learn from the carbon and nitrogen cycle in an aquarium as a model example. We often have solutions for agriculture in form of crop dusting, why not use something like that to neutralize the pollutants in the air. A lot of times, it requires an agent to activate and speed up the chemical process of reduction. Even aquariums have it resolved by reducing ammonia levels in tanks by using filtration chemicals to speed up the nitrification process. Even plants are a natural source of filtration. In similar respects, the air could be filtered out through a cyclic process. Even furnaces fuel an excessive amount of pollutants into the air and so does road traffic. Perhaps, it is time to start installing smarter filters and renewable energy sources. Maybe, this might even push for more action and interest for electric powered vehicles.

London Pollution
Pollution in South East England