2 April 2014

Many Faces Of Architecture

Architecture has had a phenomenal influence in the way we perceive through models as well as design. The perception of architecture in technology has also grown in the manner with which we see things over time and often taking inspiration from nature as well as from building structures in general. Over the years, architecture has formed a co-existence in science, engineering, as well as in effecting the makeup of our cities from globally shaping and transforming our societies to an integrated whole. The profound effects can be seen as our software has evolved and grown with each abstraction. It can also be seen in the way our societies have evolved over time. As the landscape of the internet enfolds before us, so will the evolving architecture and the influences it brings through added intelligence. We will find ourselves constantly astonished as our individual abstractions build clearer images in our minds of how to move things further and to create from the foundations of previous iterations. Perhaps, also building and learning from mistakes. Technology like architecture is ever growing, ever changing, with a fast pace. But, at the same time, both co-exist to influence and inspire each other. The application of technology has taken on many influences from nature and from other disciplines. There is a tight mesh in the way things interconnect and through research each takes on inspiration from another in path to glory and advancement.

architecture models
architecture abstractions
abstract architecture
semantic architecture
opensource architecture
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