7 April 2014

Noah 2014

A movie dramatized through excessive changes in storyline almost like a jigsaw. The movie is an amalgamation of sorts in interpretation especially from the vantage point of vegans, atheists, and lord or the rings trilogy. There is a clear reliance on the acting of Russell Crowe for dynamics and the many graphic dramatizations. The movie brings together artistic imagery in terms of heroic epic only to distort and leave one pondering over the questionable character of Noah. It also leaves one puzzled and confused as to how disrespectful the movie appears to be to the true depictions of Noah and the associated religious faiths of the world. Perhaps, in some ways it displays the very purpose of how Hollywood purposely provided such a misrepresentation of character with an explosive drama for cashing in on box office. At least, they could have provided some justice by staying true to the story as well as respecting the religious significance of Noah's character.