2 April 2014

Semantic Health

It would be useful to have curated health, medical and wellness semantic data to define various diseases, chemicals, biological agents, medicines, ingredients, allergies, as well as nutrition. In process, it could be used in form of internet of things for mashups providing interesting mobile applications in context. People these days are more aware of what they buy and what they are eating as well as health. They want to know what is in each product and how it could effect their health. They also want to know how it relates to their diets and nutrition as well as if it poses any specific risks for allergies. Most labels on foods are quite generic but they do not all cater to our personal tastes and requirements. Also, health information needs to be made more accessible and useful for meaningful applications. Being able to use the data and information is more important. Semantic web in form of linked data for health can also help penetrate and connect the many complexities people face in understanding aspects of medicine and biological factors. Linked data can also provide for shared knowledge to provide for a faster way to harness data towards reaching for more effective cures.