5 April 2014

Semantic Web For Dance

Dancing is deeply ingrained in almost every society on the planet. The art is so varied in routines and styles often providing depth into the cultural diversity of a society. It is an open expression, an exercise in one's freedom, and provides for unlimited ways of displaying creativity as well as a way for humans to identify with their individuality. With the ever growing styles of dancing, it also is an added complexity in keeping up to new changes in moves and routines. It also makes it complicated for learning as well as in keeping track of all the different types. Semantic web could come in handy in area of dance for insurmountable ways. It could help choreographers with planning routines. It could also help enhance learning in dance. It could even help semantically categorize all the different dance styles, trends, and moves as well as provide for better ways to track them. It could also help annotate dance videos and general content on the web for indexing. It could even help in knowledge discovery through linked data. Also, such approaches could go further in historical context towards understanding the cultural diversity, evolution, and the importance of dance in various societies over time. They could even help towards gaining insights for developing even newer dance styles. Dances also have embedded messages within them in form of expression, one can attempt to understand the semantically rich feelings and attitudes of an individual with the moves and choice of routines.

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